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  • Bud Pratt
    General Manager

  • Kevin Fitzgerald
    Sales Manager

  • Michael Hernandez
    Sales Manager

  • Austin French
    Finance Director

  • Marissa Guerra
    Finance Manager

  • Meredith Rohach
    Warranty Administrator

  • Randy Weir
    Parts Manager

  • Rocco Margiotta
    Service Manager

  • Philip Carroll
    Assistant Service Manager

  • Jim Breitler
    Assistant Service Manager

  • Kevin Nichols
    Assistant Service Manager

  • Erik Juarez
    Assistant Service Manager

  • Payton Thompson
    Assistant Service Manager

  • Lauren Dennis
    Internet Sales Manager

    Lauren started at Volvo Cars of San Antonio in 2016. She is an avid listener and customers are often impressed by her degree of professionalism. She stays up to date with all of Volvo's latest features and has some impressive knowledge about the Volvo Brand. In her spare time, she enjoys working out and playing the guitar. Lauren is also a blue belt in jiu-jitsu.

  • Angelica Romero
    Internet Sales Manager

  • Ray Aguilar
    Sales Consultant

    Working at Volvo Cars of San Antonio since 2006, Ray knows all there is to know about the Volvo brand. He is dedicated to helping others and says that leadership is something that comes naturally to him. Because of this, he enjoys sharing his knowledge and providing guidance to help others reach their full potential. Ray is also a family man and enjoys spending his time with his wife. He can often be found by the river, riding his bike, or playing softball.

  • Danny Garza
    Sales Consultant

    Danny has been at Volvo of San Antonio since 2009. He is very detail oriented and is knowledgeable about Volvo's different trims and models. When he works with customers, Danny always looks for ways that he can go the extra mile. In his spare time, Danny enjoys investing in real estate.

  • Billy Havlic
    Sales Consultant

    Billy started at Volvo Cars of San Antonio in 2004 and still keeps in touch with many of his first customers. He is not only knowledgeable but also has extensive experience with the Volvo brand. His hobbies include yard work, home renovation projects, and watching movies. During his free time, Billy is often found remodeling his home or spending time with his two dogs, Dot-E and Daphanie.

  • Miguel Hernandez
    Sales Consultant

    Miguel has been a sales associate at Volvo Cars of San Antonio since 2014. Miguel's customers are often impressed by his vast knowledge of cars. Not only is Miguel highly knowledgeable about the Volvo brand, but he is also a talented artist, creating cartoons and comics in his spare time. Some of his other hobbies include woodworking, watching movies, and clipping coupons because he loves to find great deals. If you are looking for a great deal on a Volvo, or just about anything else, he can probably point you in the right direction. 

  • Daniel Lozano
    Sales Consultant

  • Joel Lozano
    Sales Consultant

    Since he started at Volvo Cars of San Antonio in 2006, Joel has made an impression on his customers and fellow associates through his extensive knowledge of the Volvo brand. Joel is not only passionate about Volvo, but he also loves learning and talking about history. In his free time, he often visits museums. His other hobbies include playing darts, singing karaoke, and going on hikes. Additionally, he does a great imitation of Elvis!

  • David Mora
    Sales Consultant

    David has been with Volvo of San Antonio since 2016 and his customers are often impressed by his knowledge as they are by his friendly professionalism. He is passionate about the Volvo brand and always keeps up with Volvo's latest innovations. In his spare time, David enjoys hanging out with family and friends.

  • Ricco Villarreal
    Sales Consultant

  • Brooke Smith
    Sales Associate

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