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Volvo Continues to Pioneer Autonomous Technology

Volvo Group, along with the help of Swedish waste management company Renova, is testing autonomous technology with refuse trucks. This has the potential to be used across all urban environments and the project is exploring how automation can contribute to enhanced traffic safety, improved working conditions and lower environment impact.


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“There is amazing potential to transform the swift pace of technical developments in automation into practical benefits for customers and, more broadly, society in general. Our self-driving refuse truck is leading the way in this field globally, and one of several exciting autonomous innovations we are working with right now…

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Volvo

With Volvo celebrating its 90th anniversary earlier this month, we’ve been reflecting on the legacy and impact they’ve had on the automotive industry in their impressive lifetime. Join us on this throwback journey of ten Volvo facts that you may not know!

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  1. The name Volvo comes from a Latin phrase meaning “I roll.” The brand name was originally intended to be used for a new series of SKF ball bearings in 1911. The owners decided to repurpose the name and begin to manufacture cars.

  2. Volvo’s first model made one huge mistake--it drove in the wrong direction. When…

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