The Safety Features Of The Volvo XC60

The Volvo XC60 is a smaller-sized SUV that is truly a luxury vehicle. The interior of the vehicle is very elegant, and the exterior has a contemporary design. For many years now, Volvos have been highly regarded for their safety features. They stand up well in the event of an accident. When you take the time to look over the Volvo XC60 at Principle Volvo Cars of San Antonio, you will be able to see that this vehicle offers features to keep drivers in San Antonio safe.

Innovative Safety Technology

Technology such as cameras and sensors are utilized by the designers at Volvo to help drivers avoid accidents. The City Safety system in the XC60 uses cameras and sensors to scan the roadway for pedestrians, objects, large animals and other vehicles that might cause an accident. When a potential problem is located, you are warned to take action. If you do not or cannot apply the brakes, the brakes will come on automatically. This feature also provides steering support. Steering support is designed to help you swerve around obstacles in the road.

There are a number of features on the Volvo XC60 designed to keep you safe when you are parking the vehicle. A 360-degree camera system is available, which allows you to see all around the XC60 when you are pulling into a parallel parking space or when you are backing up the vehicle into parking.

Rear cross-traffic alert is a feature that protects you when you are backing up out of a parking space. Sensors scan down both sides of the parking aisle. If a vehicle is coming from either direction, you are alerted.

High Quality Safety Mechanics

If you get into an accident while you driving in the Volvo XC60, the vehicle has been designed to keep you safe. The frame is constructed of boron steel that is very high-strength. The XC60 has numerous airbags in the front and sides to provide a protective cushion for the driver and the passengers.

Find Out More About the Safety Features in the Volvo XC60

The Volvo XC60 comes equipped with a whole host of essential safety features. It is built to be strong and keep you safe. Learn more about the other safety features available on the Volvo XC60 at Principle Volvo Cars of San Antonio today.

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