With a full-size luxury SUV you expect a certain level of technology to help enhance your travels. The Volvo XC90 goes above and beyond, offering advanced features that will both entertain and protect you and your family as you travel. Whether you’re staying near the San Antonio area or tackling the open road, the Volvo XC90 will keep everyone happy and safe so you can make the most out of every trip.

Safety First

Protecting your family is a priority for Volvo, and in the latest XC90 model that commitment goes far beyond exceptional build quality and a litany of airbags.

Volvo city safety technology uses radar and forward-facing cameras to scan for obstacles and hazards on the road ahead. Whether it’s a stopped vehicle, a pedestrian, a cyclist, or a large animal on the road ahead of you, your XC90 will detect the rapid closing rate and send you an audible alert so you can take the appropriate action. If you fail to react in time, it can even offer steering assistance and automatic full-power braking to help reduce, or in some cases, prevent the impact.

Run-off road mitigation and lane keep assist detect road edges and markings to keep you on the road where you belong, while blind spot monitoring can let you know of vehicles adjacent to you that may not be visible in your mirrors.

Entertainment for the Road

Built-in Apple CarPlay and Android Auto make it easy to access your favorite music right through the Sensus touchscreen infotainment display. A choice of Harman Kardon or Bowers & Wilkins premium audio systems will take your favorite playlists to the next level, and a series of USB ports and 12-Volt power outlets will help everyone keep their devices charged even on your longest road trips.

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