Hello, Vera--Introducing Volvo Truck's Self-Driving Vehicle


It has been more than thirty years since the Back to the Future movies were first released, and in that short window of time, it feels as though the fantastical future portrayed in Marty McFly’s fictional world has arrived (at long last!) in the present day--especially as we take a closer look at Volvo’s newest autonomous project, Vera. Vera is the fully-electric, completely autonomous vehicle brainchild borne from the brilliant designers at Volvo Trucks. You will notice that there are no seats in Vera, as this truck was built to be wholly independent and self-sufficient. Since the digital age and realm of e-commerce continue to grow exponentially, the transportation industry is strongly impacted by the current worldwide shortage of truck drivers. With the introduction of Vera, Volvo Trucks ultimately hopes to help lessen shipping costs, increase efficiency, reduce emissions, and decrease overall transportation accidents for businesses.

As of now, Vera is primarily intended to “optimize transports in highly repetitive, short-distance transport flows with large volumes of goods such as ports, factory areas and logistics mega centers, offering better delivery precision and flexibility.” Working in tandem with other autonomous electric vehicles via a cloud-based monitoring system, Vera is actually part of a much larger infrastructure intended to increase efficiency and reduce the overall costs of associated with running a business. By utilizing a fully autonomous transportation system, the product can be transported anytime--day or night--and it can be done so in a much safer, more accurate, and quiet manner. Not only that, Vera promises a level of sustainability never before seen in the transportation industry, and it’s all very exciting. By introducing Vera the autonomous truck, Volvo hopes to spark a global conversation around infrastructure, safety, reliability, and sustainability, especially when it comes to transportation. And in doing so, Volvo has set themselves up for worldwide success on a grand scale, as they are one of the only modern automakers to be thinking so far ahead into the future.

Great Scott! We just can’t wait to see what’s coming.


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