The Easiest Way to Jump-Start One Vehicle with Another Car

Being able to jump-start one car from another car takes a few tools and some simple instructions. Bring the two vehicles engine-to-engine, then turn off the car and open the hoods. Put on some heavy-duty gloves, protective eye-wear, then clean off the battery terminals.

Take the red cable of the jumper cables and place on the positive side of the good then the bad battery. Take the black cable and place on the negative side of the good battery, then bare metal on the car to be jump-started. Now you can safely start one car. Leave the engine revving a few minutes. Try to start the other car.

Keep trying to start the car; it should start after two or three attempts. Remove the jumper cables in reverse of how they were attached. Don't mess around after starting the car, just get down to our Volvo service department for a battery replacement today.

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