Helping Your Car's Engine Keep Its Cool

When your car's cooling system is functioning properly, it protects all of the components of your engine from damage and expensive repairs. Replacing your vehicle's coolant and maintaining the radiator and cooling system in good condition helps prevent engine overheating that causes breakdowns and costly repairs.

When you bring your vehicle to the service department here at Volvo of San Antonio for radiator and cooling system maintenance, we'll do a five-point inspection. We'll check the radiator and its cap and hoses for any signs of wear or stress, as well as inspect the engine thermostat and the water pump. If any of these parts are not functioning properly, we'll do any necessary repair or replacement of parts.

So if you want your vehicle to keep its cool on the road, we recommend you follow your vehicle manufacturer's schedule for radiator and engine cooling maintenance. It helps prevent inconvenient and costly roadside breakdowns.

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