Can Mounting Tires Improperly Contribute to Hydroplaning?

Any driver who has experienced the unsettling experience of hydroplaning while driving their vehicle well knows the hazards posed by this phenomenon. Hydroplaning happens when vehicles that are operating in wet weather lose traction between their tires and the road. Even tires that are new and are designed to resist hydroplaning can succumb to this hazard if they are improperly mounted.

This occurs because so-called anti-hydroplaning tires use specialized groove patterns to pump water away from the treads. These grooves rely on forces generated by the forward rotation of tires relative to the road surface. If these tires are mounted backward, it can defeat the purpose of their designs and contribute to accidents.

Here at our Volvo service facility in the San Antonio, TX region, our staff includes suspension system experts that can help you to choose and mount tires that are appropriate for your unique needs. To hear more, swing by Principle Volvo Cars of San Antonio today for a brief, no-obligation conversation.

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