Take a Closer Look at the V60 Inscription

Volvo’s V60 Inscription is a breathtaking vehicle that is going to turn heads wherever you go. The interior and exterior trim features accentuate everything that this wagon has to offer. As you drive through the streets, you are going to wonder how you ever lived without the new V60 Inscription.

The chrome detailing is just one of the many features that set this wagon apart from the competition. From the vertical front grille bars to the lower outer grilles, the distinctive body style is refined without being gaudy.

Once you get inside the V60 Inscription, you are going to realize that the interior perfectly matches the exterior. The driftwood inlay through the cabin is a nod to Volvo’s Swedish heritage, and it gives this wagon a luxury feel. Volvo’s design team has also included a tailored dashboard that frames all of the cutting-edge electronics.



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