Volvo Cars Make the Perfect Back to School Companion


Some of the safest vehicles available in today’s market, Volvos make the perfect back to school car for your on-the-go student. From the plush sedans to the powerful SUVs, Volvo aims to relieve parental worries before they even exist. We’ve compiled some of the most important reasons as to why a Volvo should be at the top of your school supply shopping list this fall.


Volvo’s Safety Cannot be Beat


At Volvo, safety is priority number one--which should make all parents breathe a sigh of relief. Volvo hopes to make cars so safe that by 2020, no one driving a Volvo car should ever be killed or seriously injured. With innovative safety features like Adaptive Cruise Control, Blind Spot Information System, and Lane Keeping Aid, your student will always be safe behind the wheel of a Volvo.


Storage for All of the Things


Students heading back to school usually have quite a lot of stuff: backpacks, books, lunches, sports equipment, art projects, and more. Which is why, no matter the model you choose, your student will always have plenty of room for moving stuff to and fro in a Volvo. For the maximum amount of available storage, the Volvo XC90 SUV has over 85 cubic feet of cargo space (with the seats laying down) for everything your student may need to transport.


Technology Helps Reduce Distracted Driving


With a strong focus on people and how they use their automobiles, Volvo cars come loaded with the latest automotive tech that will keep your student both connected and distraction free at the same time. Voice Control, for example, allows you to adjust the climate, ask for directions, change the song, and answer the phone completely hands free with just your voice. If your student is sleepy or not paying attention, Driver Alert Control will come to life and encourage your student to take a break while utilizing the onboard Rest Stop Guidance to alert them to a safe place to stop.


World-Class Automotive Service


Only recently ranked #1 in the latest American Customer Satisfaction Index Automobile Report, Volvo provides premier automotive service to all of our customers. In particular, our service technicians are highly-trained and well-equipped to handle any issues your student may have with their Volvo. You can always schedule an appointment with your local Volvo dealer online, but you’re always welcome to walk-in for world-class customer service any time.


Ready to experience everything Volvo has to offer for your student? Visit Volvo of San Antonio today--click here now!  

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