Tow Recreational Gear the Right Way

Towing all your favorite toys can be the start of an exciting day. There is more to towing then just loading your things on a trailer and taking off. Your vehicle and towing equipment should all be in good condition. Stop by our car repair and maintenance facility so we can inspect your vehicle and ensure it’s ready to go.

When towing anything, it’s important that all equipment is working correctly, including turn signals, tail lights, brake lights and electrical wiring. Make sure your load stays within the weight capabilities of your vehicle and trailer. Do not speed, brake heavily or tailgate. For the best view, use extended side mirrors. The trailer hitch should fit your vehicle.

Before you take off down the road, make sure you’ve taken every measure to make it a safe journey. Visit us in San Antonio, Texas and we’ll help you out and have you going in no time at all.

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