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Owning a car has never been so simple. With the debut of Volvo’s XC40 earlier this month-their first-ever compact SUV-also came the announcement of a new, revolutionized payment option.


The 2019 XC40 ushers in a new subscription service called Care By Volvo that will forever change the way cars are purchased and maintained.

Care By Volvo bundles not only vehicle cost, but also insurance payments, service fees, and taxes into one monthly fee, which theoretically makes owning a vehicle just as easy as owning a brand new smartphone. Volvo jumped at the chance to introduce this new subscription service at the same time as the debut of their millennially-focused new XC40, given the technology fixation of the younger demographic.

In a statement by Volvo’s President and CEO, Hakan Samuelsson, he touched on this: “With Care By Volvo, we introduce a new car access for the modern age. In a time where consumers are used to transparent flat-fees for all sort of services, the traditional process of buying and owning a car can be perceived as rather complicated. Care By Volvo changes all of that.”

Several additional perks are being offered, such as fueling, cleaning, and service or concierge pick-up, with the benefits list said to expand over time. Buyers will also have the option of “renting” another Volvo for short periods, or getting a new car every 24 months. Care By Volvo also provides a smartphone app allowing family and friends to access the vehicle with a digital key.

While consumers will still have the option of simply buying or leasing (all Volvo models will be included in the program eventually), this radical new program aims to eliminate the daunting task of price negotiation and is on track to provide vehicle convenience like never before, eliminating insurance and maintenance costs and bundling them together. Volvo of San Antonio will always keep you updated on the newest Volvo updates, so be sure to check back periodically! And don’t forget to follow us on our Facebook page, where we post daily updates on Volvo news, dealership specials, San Antonio happenings, and much more!

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