How to Remove Egg From Your Volvo After Halloween

Halloween is a fun holiday filled with spooky haunted houses, fun costumes, candy, and adventures for kids and grown-ups alike. There's just one downside: pranks.

Some San Antonio residents like to keep the "trick" in "trick-or-treat," and take to the streets after dark wielding toilet paper, shaving cream, and eggs. Though they seem like a harmless food item, anyone who has ever burned an egg onto the frying pan knows they're a pain to clean up—and you can't exactly scrub your Volvo with steel wool.

How can you safely remove egg from your Volvo?

  1. Rinse it off as soon as you notice it. If you catch it before it dries, it will wash off clean with regular automotive soap and water.
  2. If it's dry, rinse as much off as possible, making sure to remove all bits of egg shell before moving on to the next step.
  3. Dilute one part white vinegar in one part water, and soak a towel in it. Set the wet towel over the egg stain for 15 minutes, then wipe. Repeat as needed.
  4. Use a clay bar (following the proper directions for detailing clay) to remove remaining residue.
  5. Apply a protective wax.
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