Polestar Volvo Era Nears a Close

We’ve known for months that Polestar would be morphing into a stand-alone brand for high-performance electric cars, but the era is truly coming to an end and consumers can expect a major announcement from the company in October.


Photo source: Volvo Cars

Ever since June, Volvo has been keeping us on our toes about what to expect from the now-independent Polestar brand. Via a bittersweet post on Polestar’s Instagram page, it bids adieu to its Volvo counterpart. The association between the two dates back nearly twenty years. Polestar got its start in the 1990s as the racing team…

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Care By Volvo Subscription Service

Owning a car has never been so simple. With the debut of Volvo’s XC40 earlier this month-their first-ever compact SUV-also came the announcement of a new, revolutionized payment option.


The 2019 XC40 ushers in a new subscription service called Care By Volvo that will forever change the way cars are purchased and maintained.

Care By Volvo bundles not only vehicle cost, but also insurance payments, service fees, and taxes into one monthly fee, which theoretically makes owning a vehicle just as easy as owning a brand new smartphone. Volvo jumped at the chance to introduce this new subscription service…

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Volvo Debuts Smallest SUV

Volvo’s 2018 XC40 is third model to enter Volvo’s SUV trilogy and was unveiled in Milan today, to follow its XC90 and XC60 brothers.


(Photo source: Jalopnik)

The XC40 is Volvo’s first premium compact SUV and is the smallest in its lineup. With seating for five and ample cargo space, the XC40 may just be the answer to hopeful Volvo fans who have been hoping for a compact vehicle for a while.

From the front, the XC40 is quite different than its two older SUV siblings. With the new “Hammer of Thor” headlights and square fender, Volvo…

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Volvo XC70: Premium Advanced

Thanks to a premium interior, generous cargo space and some of the world's most advanced safety features, the Volvo XC70 has quickly become a favorite of families across Texas. It's also a big reason why the team here at Volvo San Antonio can't wait for you to take one for a test drive.

Image result for volvo xc70 kbb


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Volvo Unveils 2018 V60 and S60 Polestar

By this point, Volvo fans are aware that Polestar has become one of the first brands to announce that they will go completely electric in the coming years. Knowing this, could the recently introduced 2018 V60 and S60 Polestar be the last gas powered Polestars to exist?


While the standalone Polestar is setting the stage to debut at September’s Frankfurt Auto Show, Volvo is still going to keep some focus on its latest 2018 models: the S60 and V60 Polestar. For starters, both models received additional dynamic components made of carbon fiber to boost downforce by 30%. This aims…

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Volvo’s Radically Functional 2019 XC40

Volvo fans growing impatient to get a look at the 2019 XC40 will have to continue waiting, however we are learning more about what we can expect when it finally debuts.


If you’re like us, one of our biggest complaints about car interiors is the lack of space for personal items. If you’re utilizing the cup holder with an actual cup (what a crazy thought, right?), where do you place your phone? What about loose change? Volvo hopes to address some of these concerns with the upcoming 2019 XC40. The interior of the highly-anticipated crossover SUV is something…

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Car Accessories Every Driver Needs

It’s 2017 and there are gadgets for everything these days. That includes car accessories, too! Check out this list of interesting and helpful products that may make your driving experience just a little bit easier!


  1. Extra-Wide No Blindspot Rearview Mirror. This panoramic mirror attaches to your permanent rearview mirror to increase your field of view from 52 degrees to 180 degrees. It enlarges the view behind your vehicle, providing a clearer picture of what’s trailing you. This product automatically reduces the headlight glare of other vehicles by 50% and clamps over most standard rearview mirrors without requiring tools…

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Anticipating the All-New Volvo XC40

Although Volvo has spent recent years updating the XC90 and XC60, another SUV will be joining the ranks of its older, larger siblings: the Volvo XC40. In a statement, Volvo announced that the newer, smaller compact SUV is scheduled to be revealed this fall and will complete their range of SUVs.


Just over a year ago, the automaker unveiled the Concept 40.1, which provided a sneak peek into what a smaller Volvo SUV could look like. Instead of a traditional close-up teaser image of the XC40, Volvo showcased the broader range of the exterior and interior color options.


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